How do I create a custom recurring event?

Here is how you set up a custom recurring event that repeats every day except weekends:

  1. Tap the plus (+) in the bottom right
  2. Add the 'Event Title'
  3. Select who the event is for, you, your partner, or shared
  4. Set the 'Start' and 'Ends' time
  5. Scroll down to 'Repeat' and tap the up and down arrow on the right-hand side
  6. Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Custom'
  7. Tap the up and down arrows to the right of 'Frequency'
  8. Tap 'weekly'
  9. Tap each of the days you would like in the day selector
  10. Tap an 'End Repeat' and select an end date or never
  11. Tap 'ADD' in the top right corner

You will now have the custom recurring event set up in your Cupla calendar.

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