What does my partner need to do to connect with me?

Here's how you sync with your partner:

  1. Your partner taps the invite link you have shared and is directed to an invite screen, where the partner will be asked to 'Open' the invite
  2. Your Partner will be directed to download the Cupla App from the App Store or Google Play Store
  3. Your partner may be required to 'Allow Paste' of the invite link and directed to the 'See How it Works' section.
  4. Your partner will be asked to create their account
  5. Once their account has been created, Cupla will show a 'Making Connection' screen, linking your accounts together 
  6. Your partner will need to sync their calendar and enable notifications, before arriving at the Homescreen to ensure you get the full experience. These permissions can be changed at any time within Settings
  7. If you have already selected the subscription option, your partner will not see the subscription paywall or tiles as Cupla only charges one subscription per couple
  8. Your partner will now see both of your calendar events on the home screen and the shared calendar
  9. You will receive a notification stating that your partner connection has been made and the home screen and calendar will update to show both of your schedules side by side. 

Please note, it may take a minute or two for your accounts to sync completely.

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