How can I see my Cupla calendar in my Google calendar?

Here's how to add your Cupla calendar to your Google Calendar:

  1. Tap 'More' bottom right or 'Settings' (cog in the top right on Android)
  2. Tap 'Calendar Settings'
  3. Tap 'Add to Other Calendars'
  4. Navigate to 'Add To Other Calendar apps'
  5. Select 'Share URL'
  6. Copy the URL
  7. Open Google Calendar in a web browser (not the Google Calendar app)
  8. Scroll to the bottom left to 'Other Calendars' and tap the '+' button
  9. Tap 'From URL'
  10. Paste the Cupla URL into the box labeled 'URL of Calendar'
  11. Tab 'Add Calendar'
  12. Customize the 'Name' and 'Notifications'
  13. Close the screen and your Cupla calendar will appear in your Google Calendar
  14. Please note, subscribed calendars are 'read-only' feeds of data from Cupla. To add, edit, or delete an event created in Cupla, it will need to be done within the Cupla app.
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